What We Do

Retirement Planning

We review and analyze your various accounts, to best determine when, where and how much income can be generated from each source. You may have personal assets, workplace plans (401(k), pensions, stock options, long-term incentive plans, etc…), IRAs/Roth IRAs, Social Security benefits, passive income or even chose to work part-time at something you love. Each type of account has unique tax, timing and investment options that, when utilized correctly, may lead to a higher after-tax income. Our approach is to help you have confidence and comfort in managing these sometimes-complex decisions.

Estate and Legacy Planning

We prepare future generations to make responsible decisions regarding your gifts and estate. Legacy planning can help determining who in your family may best serve in the various rolls like taking care of family reunions and genealogy, real estate properties, continuing to run a family business, or being a trustee of a philanthropic foundation.

It is also important to make sure all your estate documents are completed. This may include:

    1. Wills, Medical and Financial Power of Attorney
    2. Special needs, Irrevocable Life Insurance or other types of trust
    3. Beneficiary designations to include “Per-Stirpes” if desired.

Investment Management

Our advisors work with you and for you to provide independent, cost-efficient and unbiased recommendations to achieve outstanding long-term investment performance from nearly an endless array of investment management solutions.

Our approach is to spend time learning about you and your financial aspirations. Based on your individual situation, we create solutions to grow – or protect – your wealth and manage the impact of taxes. This includes:

– Providing clear recommendations that outline all fees in a transparent manner.

– Consistent and disciplined investment selection approach.

– Blending research for cost efficient investments without sacrificing total return.

– Utilizing strategies designed to reduce the impact of taxes on your portfolio.

Tax Efficient Approach

We apply a range of tax-smart techniques throughout the year designed to help you keep more of what you’ve earned. This may include various strategies depending on your assets, income and age such as:

– Tax-loss harvesting

– Using securities that may have lost money to off set the taxable gains of others

– Capital gain harvesting

– Utilizing the 0% capital gains tax bracket to increase the cost basis on a security without paying any additional tax

– Roth IRA conversions

– Converting pre-tax assets to post-tax assets, while in retirement, to minimize Required Minimum Distributions and tax consequences to beneficiaries

– Selecting tax-efficient investments within taxable accounts

– Utilizing charitable contributions

– Assisting in establishing various trusts

– Minimize tax consequences on retirement income from qualified accounts

Having great investments is only a part of your financial strategy. We use many techniques, as a part of our year-around approach, to manage your portfolio and help improve after-tax returns.

Withdrawal Strategy

Do the natural corrections or recessions of the stock market cause you concern? What do you, or your current advisor, do when the stock market experiences a correction or recession? Do you or your current advisor have a strategy?

Every retiree’s minimal goal is to make sure your assets and income outlive you. Knowing what securities and accounts will provide you with the maximum retirement income; and knowing how to minimize the taxation are two very important parts of our process. We explain our process to help provide you with comfort, so when these times occur, you know exactly what we are doing and how it protects your portfolio and long-term success of your income.

 Investing involves risk. Depending on the different types of investments there may be varying degrees of risk. Socially responsible investing does not guarantee any amount of success. Clients and prospective clients should be prepared to bear investment loss including loss of original principal.

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