Our Process

At Financial Voyages, we understand that people do business with people they know, like, and trust.  In fact, we take it one step further and say, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”  Our education, knowledge, and advice are useless unless our clients are confident we have their best interest at heart in every interaction.

We pride ourselves on developing genuine relationships that last the test of time.  We have built our values around three central principles: Independence, Fiduciary Standard, and Fee-based Services.  What does that mean for our clients?


As independent advisors our clients can be confident that when we make recommendations our sole focus is serving their specific needs and acting in their best interest. Being independent allows us to find the best products and investment opportunities available and tailor them to our client’s specific needs.

Our advisors are never forced to sell specific products from a specific company. Further, we are compensated the same regardless of the product that we chose; our clients can be certain that we are not acting upon any conflicts of interest when giving advice.* Finally, we do not answer to corporations or stockholders – our only responsibility is to our valued clients.

*This pertains to advisory accounts only.

Fiduciary Standard

At the heart of every interaction with our clients is a desire to do what is morally and ethically right.  We have always believed in doing the right thing and integrity is apparent in the very DNA of our business. When asked, our clients often describe us as “trustworthy,” “knowledgeable,” and “caring.” We hold ourselves to a Fiduciary Standard to maintain a high level of good faith and trust with our clients.  A Fiduciary Standard is literally an implied agreement of trust (both legal and ethical) with our clients to act in their best interest.

Fee-based Services

Providing Fee-based Services supports our model of Independence and holding ourselves to a Fiduciary Standard. We use a simple, transparent fee structure.  In every scenario, we educate our clients about how we are compensated, how this aligns with our investment philosophy, their long-term goals and how it eliminates any potential conflicts of interest.  Our compensation is tied to the value of our client’s account – so understandably, we have a vested interest in seeing client’s accounts grow and prosper.  This gives us a competitive advantage as clients understand we have mutually aligned interests.

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