People look forward to retirement for many different reasons. Based on the newfound freedom that retirement offers, it is important to have a plan with goals in mind to make it the best it can be. It is an experience to be enjoyed, appreciated and lived fully. Retirement offers you the chance to reap the rewards from a lifetime of hard work while raising a family and saving for this exciting new chapter in your life.

We want to highlight some of the best things to look forward to during this milestone:

  1. One of the first things to happen in retirement is that your priorities will change. That being said, there will no longer be unnecessary time spent on working towards a promotion or acquiring a new office. Essentially, you will be done with the rat race, which is a welcome relief to many people. You will have more time to focus on yourself instead of devoting time and energy to your employer or career.
  2. One of the best things about retirement is having the time to volunteer and give back. You can choose causes that interest you and that you believe in. Other great options are to volunteer at a school, a fundraising event or other non-profit group. It will not only provide a sense of accomplishment but a way to constructively use your time for the greater good of others.
  3. Have you had places on a list that you have always wanted to visit? You will have the flexibility and freedom to travel extensively at your leisure. This is the perfect time to explore different countries, states and other destinations and experience the world and all it has to offer.
  4. There will be extra time to read more books on topics that interest you. You could go a step further and join a book club to discuss with others. This will keep your schedule social and you will stay on track to read the book club pick.
  5. Just because you retire, it doesn’t mean you can’t work part time. You could pick a fun job that you are interested in or do something you always wanted to. This is beneficial to those people who still want to maintain a regular schedule. It will keep you active and social while earning extra spending money.
  6. You can enjoy more time with family and babysit or spend time with your grandchildren. You will create lasting memories while passing along your lifetime of knowledge to help them learn and grow. In addition, retirement will give you the flexibility to visit other family members who you might not have been able to see as often when working full time.
  7. Is there a hobby you have always wanted to pursue but never the time? Maybe gardening, scrapbooking, knitting or painting? You will have the time to put energy into doing things you enjoy, interact with others and keep your day interesting.
  8. You will have downtime to sit and relax and take in all that nature has to offer. Sitting on the porch or out on the deck will be a welcome break. You can take walks without having to rush and relish in the different seasons. You won’t have to feel guilty for taking the time to simply do nothing.
  9. Taking up a new sport will not only provide exercise, but will give you a social activity that you can do each week. Whether it is golf, fishing, tennis or water aerobics, you will have fun while keeping your energy up.
  10. There will be more leisure time to watch movies you always wanted to see and listen to your favorite music. When working full time plus raising a family, you might not have had the time to do these things until now. With Netflix, Amazon and libraries, you will be able to borrow or buy these items and enjoy them without the pressure of work each day.

There are many reasons to love retirement and with some planning, you can have an active, fun, social and low stress retirement by making good choices. Taking part in all the things you love, learning new things, exploring destinations as well as spending time with family, relaxing and having much needed downtime will give you the retirement of your dreams.

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